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Jiujiang City, or “Xun” for short, is in the north of Jiangxi Province of China with a history of 2200 years. Located in the juncture of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Jiujiang is a central harbor city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world. There are 17 counties or districts under jurisdiction of Jiujiang city with a total population of around 4.6 million.

Jiujiang has a mild climate with distinct four seasons, abundant rainfall and sunshine. In Jiujiang, the yearly average temperature is 16-17°and the rainfall per year is 1,300-1,600 mm with more than 40% of which in the second quarter of the year. The city can be accessed through the transportation network of highway, flight and high-speed railway from all major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan.

Jiujiang is known for its grand rivers, lakes, mountains and profound cultural heritage. The Yangtze River, the longest one in China, flows through the northern part of the city. Lake Poyang, China’s largest freshwater lake with more than two-third water area in Jiujiang, is a national wetland and home of migrant birds. Situated in the southern part of Jiujiang city, Mount Lushan is the UNESCO world landscape and cultural heritage. As a unique summer resort, Mount Lushan is well-known for its beautiful scenery such as magnificent peaks, waterfalls, ever-changing climate and historical cultural sites. Scattered over Jiujiang city are Bailudong Academy, one of the four most famous China ancient academies; Donglin Temple, the birthplace of Pure Land School of Buddhism; Langjing Well, where general Guan Ying started to build Jiujiang city in 201 BC; Pipa Pavillion, constructed in Tang Dynasty in memory of poet Bai Juyi.

Jiujiang is proud of numerous historical figures, such as Tao Yuanming and Huang Tingjian, the famous poets; Chen Yinque, famous historian and linguist; and Yuan Longping, an academician known as “father of hybrid rice”, etc. The city has won many honors, such as “China’s Top Ten Charming City”, “Top China’s Popular Tourist City”, “China’s Most Developed Tourism City” and “ China’s Top Happiest Cities” .

Jiujiang has established sister city relationships with 14 cities in 13 countries, such as Baw Baw Shire in Australia, Louisville in the United States, Tamano in Japan, Redbridge in the United Kingdom, La Plata in Argentina, etc. Every year thousands of tourists and business people come to the city and enjoy Jiujiang's scenery and modern life. Jiujiang is committed to greater openness and international collaboration in trade, business, education and culture.