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Documents required:

1. Valid Passport (original and photocopy);

2. Jiujiang University Admission Letter (original copy);

3. Visa Application form JW201 or JW202;

4. Physical examination record and blood test reports;

5. Non criminal record certificate;

6. Passport size photos ( 4 copies or more );

7. Academic Transcripts you have provided at the time of admission in Chinese or English (original or notarized);

8. Diplomas in Chinese or English (original or notarized);

9. Your mobile phone number in China.


Step1: Meeting the Admission Officer Room 313, JJU FIS building;

Step2: Registration documents submission to Student Affairs Office Room 312, JJU FIS building;

Step3: Hostel Check-in Room 126, International Student Hostel;

Step4: Applying for the Student ID Card JJU Student ID Card Service Center.