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  Shopping in China
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As the No. 1 manufacturing center in the globe, China provides a great variety of merchandise or products both online and in-store for the low price, high quality and modern logistic trains.

Online shopping

Nowadays the increasingly popular yet advanced e-commerce sites and social media, like Alibabas Taobao & Tmall,, Pin Duo Duo(PDD) or Tecents Wechat in China, have ensured a good shopping experience for customers across the world.

During online shopping, be cautious of sale or discount goods, protect your personal details,choose applications that require less permission or restrict the apps’ permission on your phone, ask for friend’s help before paying online if you suspect something goes wrong, keep records of all online purchases, be a rational consumer and buy the things you really need.

Offline shopping

From the roadside stall to the large-scale modern shopping mall, from the common store to a popular supermarket, Jiujiang city has numerous perfect places for shopping, i.e. department stores, shopping malls (Wanda Square, 9-Square & Happy Town), business street supermarket (Wal-Mart & Metro) and Convenience Stores. The retailer shops in China usually are open from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Credit Cards including Master Card, Visa, Union pay or American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Million, Federal, all are acceptable in China.