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To open an account in the local bank in Jiujiang city is necessary. For cash withdrawal and deposit, international students may go to the ATMs of ICBC on the first floor of Cafeteria 4 and the Main Auditorium, China Construction Bank (CCB) in the IT building, Bank of China (BOC) next to the university south gate. To open the bank account or foreign currency exchange, the ICBC and the BOC are within 15 minutes walking distance from the university.

ATM Tips:

1. Both Chinese and English languages service are available in ATMs.

2.  Maximum amount is RMB 20,000 limit for daily withdrawal, deposit and transfer, and the foreign currency is available in ATM service.

3. The credit card can be accepted by most ATMs.

4. Most bank ATMs support the withdrawal, deposit and transfer of the credit card issued by banks outside China (for example logos of Visa, MasterCard or Union Pay).

Opening a bank account at ICBC/BOC is quite straightforward, you will need:

1. Passport;

2. 2 copies of your passport details;

3. 2 copies of your issued visa;

4. your current address at Jiujiang University;

5. Chinese mobile phone number;

6. Bank form to fill in your particulars and a waiting number.