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1. It’s obliged to follow Chinese traffic law and not to drive vehicle or motorcycle without license.

2. Be aware of the electricity and fire safety, buy the high-quality electrical appliances only.

3. Please take your passport and student ID card while traveling.

4. Avoid going to crowded places and staying outside the university in late evening.

5. It’s not allowed to swim in the wild water.

6. To avoid fraud or loss of personal information, you’d better not lend your passport, student ID card or other personal documents to the unofficial third party on-and-off line.

7. In case of telecom & cyber fraud, you are suggested not to transfer money to strangers, not to borrow friend’s bank account for money transfer, and not to act as the middleman for money transfer.

8. Remember to ask for an invoice when taking a taxi; check your belongings when getting off a taxi.

9. When making new friends, you shall be cautious and avoid being cheated or trapped by illegal organizations.

10. It’s illegal for international students to spread materials such as books, audio or video products that contain terrorism or pornography. It’s also forbidden to spread religions, conduct religious gathering and any other religious activities inside university.

11. It’s illegal for international students to work or do business in China.

12. Emergency calls in case: 110 for police; 119 for fire; 120 for ambulance.