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Each year the international students are free to travel in China during the summer & winter breaks. As required the international students shall inform the university administration of the destinations prior to the travel, in which you will experience the best of China.

Air Tickets

You may book air tickets from the English websites of the following third-party agents, which are widely used in China:  


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The following major airline companies in China are also easily reached for air tickets reservation:

Air China:

China Southern Airlines:            

China Eastern Airlines:

Hainan Airlines:            

Shenzhen Airlines:

Train Tickets

To travel across the country by regular-speed or high-speed trains, go to and buy the tickets in each of the Jiujiang Railway Station and Lushan Railway Station or any other railway stations in China.

You can also purchase tickets online via the official website of the China Railway Service Center ( The website is in Chinese only. User Registration and passport information are required. Also, the following popular third-party agents are widely used to book the train tickets:  


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