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  Taboos in China
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1. In way of appellation, you’re suggested not to address elder’s name directly or the nickname, but use the titles like “Xiansheng/先生” or “Daifu/大夫” or “Shifu/师傅” or “Lao/”, to show the respect.

2. Try to avoid some topics on age, weight, marriage, religion, pregnancy, salary, politics, milit and family background, etc.

3. In meals with your Chinese friends, chopsticks are not used to move bowls or plates, toy with one’s food or with dishes in common, and impolite to point at others or to wave around.

4. It’s not good for you to give the gift of a green hat, an umbrella or a clock to your Chinese friend.

5. Try to avoid putting on slippers in classes or some other important events. You’d better be dressed properly in public or on important occasions.

6. It’s not a polite and respectful way to be late for classes, an appointment, meeting or some important occasions.