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Q1. How many international students are currently studying at JJU?

Currently 414 international students are studying at the university.

Q2. I am a current student of bachelor’s degree program, can I transfer to JJU?

The university will not accept students transfer from a university abroad.

Q3. What major programs are open to International students?

A variety of programs available for international students, and we highly recommend Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, E-Commerce, Tourism & Hotel Management, International Chinese Education.

Q4. When does semester and academic year start, are there any holidays between semester and academic year?

Usually every academic year starts in early September and ends in early July next year. There are two semesters in one academic year, winter break (around 1 month) is there between semesters and summer break (around 2 months) between academic years.

Q5. Are the students allowed to travel in China or abroad during holidays?

Yes, students are free to travel in China or abroad during holidays, but they should inform the related faculties of the travel plan and leave the contact details in case of any emergency.

Q6. Is there any Chinese language course for international students?

Yes, short term (3-12 months) Chinese training courses, foundation course (1-2 years) are available for international students who wish to improve their Chinese.

Q7. Is accommodation provided by the university?

Yes, the university provides on-campus hostel for international student.

Q8. How much is the living expenses in JJU?

It depends, it might be RMB 600-2000 yuan per month.

Q9. Can I join JJU with a tourist visa or business visa?

No, JJU only accept the students with X1 or X2 visa.

Q10. Do I have to learn Chinese before I apply to JJU

The student doesn’t’ have to learn Chinese if they apply English medium program, JJU provides foundation programs for Clinical Medicine Program applicants.

Q11. Is there any scholarship for international students?

JJU offers 4 types of scholarships to international students each academic year, Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, Jiujiang University Scholarship, and Faculty Merit-based Prize.

Q12. How can I get to Jiujiang University?

By Air: There are direct flights from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to Changbei Airport, and it takes 1.5 hour from the Changbei Airport to the University by highway.

By Train: Direct trains from many cities in China to Jiujiang city are available.

Q13. Whom should I contact?

For admission, you can contact the International student affairs office of Faculty of International Studies, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang City, China.

Tel: +867928312906, +867928313358