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JJU International Students Community Visit

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In order to better understand China's community health and Chinese traditional culture, international students paid a visit to Gongqing city and Dean county on October 29, 2021.


In Gongqing Xinshi Hospital, Dr. Yang Liyong, the president of the hospital, warmly welcomed the students. Dr. Gan Kehe, head of Public Health Department, made an introduction to the hospital and public health work. He said, the hospital provides both curative medical service and public health service. Chronic disease management, health education and vaccination are the major tasks for public health service. Then, the students were scheduled to have an observation in the major departments.


In the afternoon, the students went to De 'an YimenChen (义门陈) for a site visit. Students were welcomed by Mr. Chen Shengwen, the head of YimenChen museum. Family culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, Mr. Chen told students, Chen family members had lived together for 15 generations with 330 years before it was divided with family member 3900 in the year 1062. It was a miracle in the world.  Chen emphasized, Family unity and harmony are important for a stable society.

The international students were impressed by the visit. Many of them said that China has profound traditional culture and cross-cultural exchange is very important for young generation.